Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New York, New York

Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to have my picture taken with this beauty. ^_^
I actually came back from New York a while ago but I hadn't had the time to upload my pictures. I didn't take much anyway because I had already been in New York last year and took plenty of pictures of all the touristic attractions we saw this year. I was mainly there for shopping and I got to do that for a whole day where I ventured alone on Canal Street, searching for fake Chanel. Here are some of the only good pics that I took, at some abbey of which I don't remember the name (I'm such a bad tourist!)

I'm looking forward to posting more crafty stuff, I can't wait for this horrible semester to be over so I can cook, read, craft and sunbathe all day. That's the kind of party monster I am.

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Gusso said...

Au début je croyais que la photo était d'Éli